About Creative Touch

Finding success in rug manufacturing and bringing the art of rug making to the design community was not always the plan for Baki Ildiz. Ildiz, born in Turkey, relocated to Oregon to finish his high school education and complete his collegiate education. After graduating, he worked for one of America’s largest retailers until he realized he wanted to bring his family’s 60 year strong rug industry legacy state-side. His former boss was the first person he ever sold a rug to, after his father sent him a selection of ten traditional rugs. After selling three rugs to him, Ildiz went around Portland, Oregon and sold the remaining rugs to high end home decor boutiques. Partnering with his brother, the pair decided to open up a brick and mortar location selling traditional rugs, but less than a year later they had expanded and had to relocate. Creative Touch came to New Jersey to settle down in 2005, to accommodate the large amount of orders they were receiving, and to position themselves to be fierce competitors to other major wholesalers. Since then, Creative Touch has designed multiple collections including custom rug designs, partnered with five designers to transpose their art prints into luxurious textiles, and has sold rugs and textiles across the country. Creative Touch maintains its roots by partnering with Ildiz’s family back in Turkey to produce our Patchwork Collection.

Creative Touch aims to bring luxury to the masses at affordable price points, without sacrificing the artisan's personal touch that comes with a handmade rug. In manufacturing our rugs by hand, we ensure that there is a unique, one of a kind aspect to all of our designs. No weave or knot is identical, there are variations that manifest and bring the rug to life. Creative Touch takes pride in cultivating a boutique experience for our customers complete with unsurpassed attention to detail, and an intimate involvement in the design and construction process. Rugs are works of art meant to transcend time and trends. We aspire to create and supply homes with liveable art that can be passed down through generations.


Inspiration for the design process is drawn from the myriad of different cultures that are encountered in the process of creating a rug. Ildiz was enamored with the vast rainbow of colors and materials that went into producing a rug, and how many different cultures and people rugs got to experience before reaching their final destination. The materials pass through so many hands and see so many different shores, and the thought of that alone is awe inspiring. Many cultural aspects go into the creation of a rug, from different styles of weaving to sourcing wool from across the world.