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The Benson-Cobb collection pioneers a modern style of adaptable art. Carol Benson-Cobb is an American abstract artist best known for her custom colorization and derivative textile designs. Hand-knotted wool and silk rugs are crafted from the original artwork of Benson-Cobb Studio. The collection currently consists of eight designs and has coordinating pillow and accessory lines.

Benson-Cobb is an American abstract artist known for her custom colorization and derivative textile designs. Since Benson-Cobb’s launch of original paintings with Holly Hunt, her collection has grown astronomically. Benson-Cobb formed another brand partnership in 2016 with John-Richard, offering her artwork translated to furniture and a large collection of reproductions. “Both strategic partners enable me to expand into categories without hesitation.”

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For over a decade, Creative Touch Rugs has specialized in combining contemporary style with the quality of traditional rug motif in their extensive collection. For Baki Ildiz, owner and spokesman for Creative Touch Rugs, and Carol Benson-Cobb, artist and creative revolutionary, applying fine-art to a fresh and sophisticated line of rugs was a natural step. Benson-Cobb has forged her own path in the art world by designing her art in a way that allows her to offer a gallery quality collection with a twist. Known for her custom abstract colorization and ever evolving catalog of work, adding her signature look to textiles and rugs was a natural progression of growth

The inception of the collaboration between Benson-Cobb and Creative Touch Rugs began at High Point Market in North Carolina. Known for offering the best of the design world to the trade, High Point was a natural meeting place for the two companies. ‘The workings of a successful collaboration are to create derivative work and cohesive collections.’ according to Ildiz and Benson-Cobb. The two companies have labored intensively over the past year to fine tune their materials, designs, and colors to create an exceptional line of high-end products that are sure to please art lovers and designers alike.