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Mannarino's goal for this collection was to create something bold, attractive, functional, and new to the market. Drawing inspiration from her professional experience as an award-winning interior designer and event planner, and bringing the exuberant spirit she boasts as an accomplished jazz singer, Mannarino was able to imbue a piece of herself into each of her designs. Luxury, glamour, and effervescence are all important facets to each design. Shapes are reminiscent of art deco style, with color choices specifically chosen with today's modern interior in mind.

Anna Maria Mannarino, is an Award-Winning Interior and Event Designer whose company, Mannarino Designs, Inc., has transformed spaces from Cape Cod to Cape May and beyond. With Interior Design projects that include restaurants, banquet facilities; historic mansions, New York boardrooms, metropolitan apartments and beach cottages; and Event Designs that range from small affairs and grand black and white tie galas, to spectacular themed celebrations.

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The Mannarino Designs velvet pillow collection is the collaboration between Anna Maria and Creative Touch. Anna Maria is an award-winning interior designer and event planner. The 16-piece collection of 22” by 22” pillows evolved from different design approaches, some began as pencil drawings, others as watercolors and geometric forms. All evoke Mannarino’s appreciation of rich color and pattern and her playful approach to layering those colors and patterns.

Moondance is a rug bursting with splendour; in its color, design, and scale. Evoking feelings of playfulness and whimsy with a delicate pastel palette consisting of pinks, blues and yellows, Moondance is joy in its most organic manifestation.

Invoking images of antique buildings with extravagant and over the top architecture, Skyfall means to transport you into the mindset of indulgence and excess that embodied the Art Deco era. Creating depth and motion with a strong influence of deco architectural elements, Skyfall radiates personality.

Corcovado experiments with classical femininity, combining a muted palette of pinks, lavenders, and deep reds, with grounding neutral taupes and grays. Geometric elements merge and overtake one another in a skillfully crafted ensemble. An eclectic and lavish design is conceptualized in Corcovado.