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A collection saturated with globally inspired motifs and a vast myriad of color combinations, the Robin Gray Designs collection is sure to contain a rug that compliments all styles of design.

Founded in 2004, ROBIN GRAY DESIGN brings a fresh approach to creating works of art for the floor. A practicing architect, Gray is also a lifelong contemporary quilter, weaver, and fiber artist, who sees the world from the bottom up, recognizing that a fine carpet is the anchor of any space. “Rooms are three-dimensional spaces incorporating colors, textures, and shapes that can nurture and embrace or stimulate drama and vibrancy,” she says. “A quality, handcrafted carpet is a critical first step in amplifying a room’s spirit and function.”

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Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Gray specializes in both custom and ready-made carpets. An inveterate traveler, she has studied and collected textiles from around the world and currently works with artisans in India, and Nepal.

Her relationship with the men and women who translate her designs is both professional and familial, assuring that a rug is of the highest quality inside and out. “Each carpet carries the GoodWeave imprimatur guaranteeing that no child labor was involved in its production, and that working conditions are of the highest standards.” she explains, adding, The quality of our carpets is reflected in our choice of material's--the finest wool, silk, cotton, hemp and viscose available. Also, the use of low-impact dyes is perfect for the green minded client.

Tremendous gratitude is due the families, staff and dozens of weavers, dyers, spinners and finishers whose talents are a vital and an integral part to fulfilling the vision of creating and producing hand made carpets of incomparable quality and beauty.

GoodWeave works to end illegal child labor in the carpet industry and to offer educational opportunities to children in South Asia. The fees ROBIN GRAY DESIGN pays to be a part of GoodWeave ensure that random, surprise inspections take place on the weaving looms and help fund rehabilitation and education for former child weavers.